The Befeni Custom Tailored Blouse
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The Befeni blouse
The Befeni blouse made to measure
Just as individual as the men's shirt and with almost endless combination options

Ladyshirt Fit
You can determine the fit regardless of the body measurements

Skinny fit = EXTREME tight ladyshirt, very fitted with limited freedom of movement!
Slim fit = Body-hugging ladyshirt, fitted
Loose = comfortable ladyshirt, not fitted

Choose front
Waist darts
Each Befeni custom ladyshirt has bust darts*.
Additional waist darts give the ladyshirt an improved fit.
The higher the difference between chest to waist, the more important the additional waist darts!
In the fit "Loose" the waist darts are left out.

Additional waist darts desired?  
*If the customer has a lot of stomach and little bust, the bust darts are automatically left out to ensure the best possible fit.
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Choose cuff
No cuff for short sleeve
You have selected the option "short sleeve" when entering the size. Therefore, you no longer need to select a cuff here. Short sleeve ladyshirts and short sleeve dresses have no cuff. For 3/4 sleeve or long sleeve you can select a cuff.
Cuff width
You can determine the width of the cuff yourself.
Narrow cuffs make the ladyshirt look more feminine. In the men's shirt cuffs are 7 cm wide

Desired cuff width? 
Choose collar
Choose fabric
Available fabrics
Here you can see all available Befeni fabrics..
Choose further design
Yarn color applies to the entire shirt (incl. contrast selected, if applicable)
Thread color

Yarn color applies to the entire shirt (incl. contrast selected, if applicable)
Is a contrast fabric desired?
Collar & Cuff
To the 3D configurator (BETA)
Contrast fabric inside?
To the 3D configurator (BETA)
May we embroider your initials on the shirt?
Desired Initials
Only if desired
Initials color
Initials position
Order title
Pack more simple?
Shall we pack your order more environmentally friendly?
The garment will be folded and packed only with a plastic bag. Other plastic and cardboard we leave out.
This way you have less waste at home and protect the environment - but the product in the packaging then looks less representative!
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Fast Track +25 €

Der Befeni Express-Service
With Befeni Express Service, your shirt will be brought forward into production immediately after the payment, i.e. the production of your shirt will start before all other already ordered shirts that were purchased without the Express Service. Please note that the delivery of your shirt depends on the current production time and the next delivery date.
CO₂ neutral transport For only € 0,25 you can have your order transported climate neutrally! We donate 100% of your contribution to a climate project and thus offset the CO₂ emissions caused by the transport of this shirt!